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With respect for humans and the realization of safe workplaces as the top priority,
Dae Sun Shipbuilding will continue to strive for disaster-free workplaces by thoroughly complying with safety rules and
establishing an autonomous safety management system.

Establishment and execution of HSE management system

  • Prevent safety accidents and create a pleasant working environment

  • Establishment of a symbiotic cooperation system for safety and health

  • Implementing an environmentally friendly workplace

  • Establishing an active and continuous culture of improvement activities

  • 01

    HSE System Management

  • 02

    Risk Assessment

  • 03

    Workplace Improvement Activities

  • 04

    Emergency Response Training

  • 05

    Rescue Activities

  • 06

    Enhance Safety Management

  • 07

    Reward System for Accident Detection

  • 08

    Establishing an Autonomous Safety Inspection System