Change & Innovation, Challenge - DAESUN Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.


Introduce the footsteps of Dae Sun Shipbuilding and the time of challenge.

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Since 2006, Dae Sun Shipbuilding has been able to shorten the construction period with bold investments such as the expansion of the fleet and additional facilities for 165,000㎡ Da Dae shipyard.

  • Sep, 2021Obtained ISO 45001 Qualification.
  • Apr, 2021Dae Sun, Launching an independent management system.
  • Dec, 2020Dongil Steel Group signed a contract to acquire Dae Sun.
  • Sep, 2012Obtained OHSAS / KOSHA 18001 Qualification.
  • Dec, 2011Constructed Block Assembly Shops in No.3 Shipyard.
  • Apr, 2011Completed installation of Two Units of 600 Tons Goliath Crane in No.3 Shipyard.
  • Jun, 2008Constructed Megablock Assembly Yard in No.3 Shipyard.
    Installed a 600Ton Goliath Crane in No.3 Shipyard.
  • Apr, 2007Replaced the Floating Dock. (Lifting Capacity : 15,000 MT)
  • Jan, 2002Obtained ISO 9001 Qualification.
  • Aug, 1999Selected as a Qualified Shipyard for the Supply of Military Ships.
  • Mar, 1997Completed Reclaiming Works of No.3 Shipyard.
  • Apr, 1963Changed the name to Dae Sun Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.
  • Aug, 1955Changed name to Dae Sun Ironworks Co., Ltd.
  • Jul, 1950Navy Headquarters / Marine Police Unit Designated Shipyard.
  • Mar, 1948Changed name to Dae Sun Ironworks.
  • Dec, 1945Established under the name of DAESUN Shipbuilding & Iron Works Ltd.