Change & Innovation, Challenge - DAESUN Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.


Continuous growth and new challenges! Dae Sun Shipbuilding's efforts continue.

For a bigger dream and a better future...

Through future-leading technologies and customer-centered management policy, we will continue to research investment and technology development and grow further. In addition, it proves that it is a small, strong, and long-lasting company by supplying the highest quality ships to the world through the spirit of challenge and perfect quality control to pioneer the future.
We will do our best with a sense of mission that customer development is the development of Dae Sun Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd. and furthermore, the driving force behind social development.

Management Principles

Image of Management Principles
Image of Management Principles

The Motto of a Company

  • Creative Think

  • Active Action

  • Modest Intrespection